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Please ensure that your Firewall is set up to allow the GRE protocol

(which may have to be set up as a custom protocol, protocol number 47)

on outgoing connections to all IP addresses, and to allow the TCP protocol on

outgoing connections to port 1723 on all IP addresses.

If your unsure on how to configure your firewall, please refer to the manufactures User Guide


WatchUKTV.co.uk - Setup Guides v0.06


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Connection Manager Setup Files Compatible with Windows XP / VISTA / W7

  Mac Configuration Guide  

YouTube Video Files


Step by Step instructions

IPSEC/L2TP VPN configuration



Windows 7











Coming Soon










Windows Connection Manager - Installation Files

32bit ONLY - (64Bit will need to use Manual Settings)

Extract the ZIP file and run the Executable


PPTP - Connection

L2TP - Connection

  WUKTV - PPTP Setup File WUKTV - L2TP Setup File