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The old saying ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’ is a famous and relevant in many forms of offerings from different companies and it is no different in the VPN business. There are quite a few companies that do offer free UK VPN services but in reality they are not all quite what they seem.  We have signed up with many of these companies to test such things as there support structure, the speed of the UK VPN service they are offering and also if they really are as free as they claim….! What we discovered is below:

1.They Are Only ‘Free’ for a Limited Time

The sites we tested offered limited bandwidth throughput and limited speeds. When we had used our 1GB allowance we were then asked to pay for a full account, completely defeating the ‘fee VPN account’ offer.  They are essentially using unscrupulous sales tactics to lure in prospective clients and then charging them after they have used the service.

2. Support

As you would expect, when something is free there is essentially no support for the user. This maybe OK if you are VPN expert but not so good when you are trying to watch the World Cup final and the connection breaks in the last 15 minutes of the game. When we contacted the various support teams with valid connection problems are mails were left unanswered for days, the fastest turnaround was just over 36 hours…

3. Speed and Protocol Support

This was the most frustrating aspect of our test, the speed was so slow we could not watch any content for a reasonable amount of time. Constant buffering and disconnections made the streaming anything a waste of time that in the end we gave up. This was largely as the company we were using only supported PPTP and no other protocol. Whilst PPTP can work fine from some locations in other parts of the world (as we found out) the service is terrible

So in conclusion, you get what you pay for… Free VPN accounts may sound appealing on the surface but in reality they can be frustrating and a waste of time….




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