Windows UK VPN Error Codes… Simple Solutions.

The majority of reasons why some customers may not be able to connect are generally small mistakes made during set up. If you are using a Windows based machines and for some reason you are unable to connect to the VPN tyou will receive a Windows error message. This message/code provides some insight into what the mistake was and by taking the action below hopefully you will be able to remedy the problem:

Error 691

This is by far the most common support query we receive and it is related to the wrong input of your username or password. The best course of action is to cut the username and password from your welcome email and paste them into the relevant boxes. This should remedy the problem.


This is an L2TP error. Try to use PPTP instead. Please go to our knowledge base and guide page to find instructions on how to set up PPTP.


This error is most frequent on networks where PPTP is blocked. Select an L2TP server to connect. Please note that Windows XP might give error 789 with L2TP. Please see the solution above in that case.

ERROR 806 or ERROR 721

A firewall or your ISP is blocking your VPN access. Please try connecting with both PPTP and L2TP. Please also see the similar error 807.


Most likely your virus filter or firewall application is blocking your VPN access. Known applicationas are AVG, BlackIce, Zone Alarm, Avast 5.x . (Please also see the similar error 806, 721)


This error is most frequent for mobile Internet users whose dataplan expired or ran out of available credits.

If you still are having problems just drop us a support mail and we will be happy to connect and help with your machine set up.


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