Can i watch SKY Go in France?

Can I Watch Sky Go in France?

Can I watch Sky Go in France? Sky Go is a great platform to watch premium movies, premium sports and great live news. We have many customers in France who use the VPN to access Sky Go mainly to keep up to date with UK Premier League football. Sky has so many channels that using the VPN to access their live online content is a must for any expat and TV enthusiast. However, Sky Go is not free (unlike BBC iplayer etc) so you must subscribe to their services whilst in the UK or alternately can provide access on a monthly basis at an extra cost.


How a UK VPN Allows You to Watch UK TV

The UK VPN allows you to watch UK TV and Sky Go in France by changing your French IP address to a UK IP address.  This means that when you log into services such as iPlayer or Sky Go you will be able to view all programming as if you were at home. The VPN requires no changes to your computer and can be configured quickly and simply, so whenever you want to catch up with TV from the UK simply press connect and start to view. To try the service for free click here.

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