How to Watch UK TV in America

How to Watch UK TV in America

How to watch watch UK TV in America? Many people who visit America want to stay in contact with home and keep up to date with their favourite television shows. However, online UK TV platforms such as BBC iPlayer, 4OD, ITV Player and Sky Go are only available to people who have a UK IP address, in other words, have a computer in the United Kingdom. Many expats frustrating when they get to America that they can no longer access their usual online services and watch their favourite TV shows or sports packages. any online UK TV platforms are restricted to users who have a UK IP address so if you try and access the content from outside the UK it will be blocked. This is because your IP address is sort of like an international phone number and when the number is not a UK one it will mean that some content on websites can be restricted. This should not be of concern, the easy way to ensure you can view your favourite programs is by using a UK VPN or UK Virtual Private Network, this changes your existing IP prefix to a UK one and allows you to access UK restricted websites.


How a UK VPN Allows You to Watch UK TV

The UK VPN allows you to watch UK TV in America is by changing your American IP address to a UK IP address.  This means that when you log into services such as iPlayer you will be able to view all programming as if you were at home. The VPN requires no changes to your computer and can be configured quickly and simply, so whenever you want to catch up with TV from the UK simply press connect and start to view. To try the service for free click here.

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