Use UK VPN to Watch Cricket World Cup Matches Abroad

How to Use UK VPN to Watch Cricket World Cup Matches Abroad?

With the 2015 World Cup just around the corner, the excitement level is at an all time high. And why not? After all, we wait 4 years to dig up old jerseys to show support for our favorite team, invite friends over or go to their place to watch the match together, or simply use the games as an excuse to watch England go as far as they can in the competition, but how can you use UK VPN to watch Cricket World Cup matches abroad?

How to watch Cricket World Cup matches if you are not in UK?

But what happens when you are not able to view those matches due to some transmission or network issues in your current location? A few years back, you wouldn’t have any option but to wait for reruns but now you can easily watch matches via an UK VPN (UK Virtual Private Network). 

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This service, as stated before, is extremely trustworthy and provides a host of benefits such as:

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No longer do you have to worry about missing out on exciting and adrenaline-rushing games – the clock is ticking, so register right away. The fixtures for the Cricket World Cup group matches are as follows:


14 Pool A: Sri Lanka v New Zealand, Christchurch (22:00 GMT, 13 Feb)

14 Pool A: England v Australia, Melbourne (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

15 Pool B: South Africa v Zimbabwe, Hamilton (d/n) (01:00 GMT)

15 Pool B: India v Pakistan, Adelaide (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

16 Pool B: West Indies v Ireland, Nelson (22:00 GMT, 15 Feb)

17 Pool A: New Zealand v Scotland, Dunedin (22:00 GMT, 16 Feb)

18 Pool A: Bangladesh v Afghanistan, Canberra (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

19 Pool B: Zimbabwe v UAE, Nelson (22:00 GMT, 18 Feb)

20 Pool A: England v New Zealand, Wellington (Westpac Stadium) (d/n) (01:00 GMT)

21 Pool B: Pakistan v West Indies, Christchurch (22:00 GMT, 20 Feb)

21 Pool A: Australia v Bangladesh, Brisbane (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

22 Pool A: Sri Lanka v Afghanistan, Dunedin (22:00 GMT, 21 Feb)

22 Pool B: South Africa v India, Melbourne (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

23 Pool A: England v Scotland, Christchurch (22:00 GMT, 22 Feb)

24 Pool B: West Indies v Zimbabwe, Canberra (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

25 Pool B: Ireland v UAE, Brisbane (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

26 Pool A: Afghanistan v Scotland, Dunedin (22:00 GMT, 25 Feb)

26 Pool A: Sri Lanka v Bangladesh, Melbourne (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

27 Pool B: South Africa v West Indies, Sydney (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

28 Pool B: India v UAE, Perth (d/n) (01:00 GMT)

28 Pool A: Australia v New Zealand, Auckland (d/n) (06:30 GMT)


1 Pool A: England v Sri Lanka, Wellington (Westpac Stadium) (22:00 GMT, 28 Feb)

Pool B: Pakistan v Zimbabwe, Brisbane (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

3 Pool B: South Africa v Ireland, Canberra (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

Pool B: Pakistan v UAE, Napier (d/n) (01:00 GMT)

Pool A: Australia v Afghanistan, Perth (d/n) (06:30 GMT)

5 Pool A: Bangladesh v Scotland, Nelson (22:00 GMT, 4 Mar)

Pool B: India v West Indies, Perth (d/n) (06:30 GMT)

Pool B: South Africa v Pakistan, Auckland (d/n) (01:00 GMT)

7 Pool B: Zimbabwe v Ireland, Hobart (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

Pool A: New Zealand v Afghanistan, Napier (22:00 GMT, 7 Mar)

Pool A: Australia v Sri Lanka, Sydney (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

9 Pool A: England v Bangladesh, Adelaide (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

10 Pool B: India v Ireland, Hamilton (d/n) (01:00 GMT)

11 Pool A: Sri Lanka v Scotland, Hobart (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

12 Pool B: South Africa v UAE, Wellington (Westpac Stadium) (d/n) (01:00 GMT)

13 Pool A: Bangladesh v New Zealand, Hamilton (d/n) (01:00 GMT)

13 Pool A: England v Afghanistan, Sydney (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

14 Pool B: India v Zimbabwe, Auckland (d/n) (01:00 GMT)

14 Pool A: Australia v Scotland, Hobart (d/n) (03:30 GMT)

15 Pool B: West Indies v UAE, Napier (22:00 GMT, 14 Mar)

15 Pool B: Pakistan v Ireland, Adelaide (d/n) (03:30 GMT)




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