Windows UK VPN Error Codes… Simple Solutions.

The majority of reasons why some customers may not be able to connect are generally small mistakes made during set up. If you are using a Windows based machines and for some reason you are unable to connect to the VPN tyou will receive a Windows error message. This message/code provides some insight into what […]

Facebook UK VPN – Free UK VPN Account For 6 Months!

Simply like our Facebook page and you will be entered into our monthly draw to win one of two x 6 month accounts given away each month! If you already have an existing subscription and you win, cancel the current payment method and use the new account when your old account runs out. Simple! Thanks […]

UK VPN – PPTP vs L2TP vs OpenVPN – Which is best? provide UK and US VPN services to thousands of subscribers globally. We have numerous servers located in data centres in numerous locations in the UK and the USA to ensure that you, our subscribers get the best possible connections via your ISP’s chosen route to the UK. The easiest and most effective way to […]