Will our payment and personal details be safe with watchuktv.co.uk?

Watchuktv.co.uk use PayPal™ for all payment transactions, why? PayPal™ is the safest and easier way to pay on then web for buyers. None of the team at watchuktv.co.uk ever see or have any access to your personal financial details, even our CEO! This means you can have complete confidence in all and every transaction you make with us, the only information we receive about you is your email address, name and location. By using PayPal you never expose your credit card number and all purchases are controlled and confirmed by PayPal™ and PayPal™ only, giving you complete security and peace of mind.

I have the VPN, how do I watch live UK TV?

There are many fantastic sites on the Internet that enable you to watch live UK television these include BBC iplayer, Channel 4 on Demand, Zatoo etc. Once you have access to the watchuktv.co.uk VPN server all you need to is log on to these sites and you can be watching great TV in no time.

Do I need to install any extra software on my computer?

No! All the SW you need is already installed on your PC as standard in windows. You can either configure the VPN yourself with our ‘Getting Started’ booklet we send on order. Alternately (and much easier) is download the shortcut we will send with your order and the configuration is complete!

I want to watch live UK TV on my main television; can I do this from my PC?

No problem! All you need is a SVIDEO and RCA lead (all electronic HW shops stock these), connect to the watchuktv.co.uk VPN and connect your laptop and to the TV and you will be watching quality TV in no time.

Can watchuktv.co.uk view information that I am viewing?

There is no way that our team can view anything that our customers view. We use state of the art 128bit encryption on all outgoing connections; this means that all browsing is anonymous to us and everyone else on the web. The service secures your online activity, especially if you are using public unsecured WiFi networks. Using our VPN services, you can surf the web anonymously & also prevent your ISP from keeping logs on your online activities! If sites are blocked you can access blocked websites and it works with Skype and other VoIP applications too!

What does ‘unlimited bandwidth subject to a fair use policy’ mean?

watchuktv.co.uk is happy for our customers to watch and download as much TV as they want. However, there are some individuals on the web who will take advantage of a completely unlimited policy and take all the resources from our HW and other customers. These parties are generally committing fraud by downloading and pirating many movies a day, this is what we classify as ‘not fair use’. On average, we would view 40Gb of Transfer per month as fair use.

Can I send email through your Service?

In order to protect all of our Customers and our Network from being Black Listed, we do not allow the use of port SMTP 25. This will not prevent you from receiving emails, but it will stop emails being sent if using a standard SMTP connection. Should you need to send emails from your email client, then you will need to disconnect from our service to do so.

Is this a proxy service?

This is NOT a proxy service. Proxies are for viewing websites only. Our VPN connection passes all internet traffic through our servers, which means that you can watch UK television, use Skype and visit websites over a 128bit secure ´tunnel´.

The entire watchuktv.co.uk support team are based in the UK to ensure we provide our global customers with the best possible service. Got a question or technical query? Send the team a mail to support@watchuktv.co.uk we promise to respond within 24 hours.