How It Works

To watch live streaming of UK TV channels from abroad you need to connect to the high speed Virtual Private Network (VPN). Our UK VPN provides an encrypted and secure connection from your home PC, MAC, iPad or Android device to the UK from any location globally. The VPN ensures that your computer appears as if it is located in the UK which means you can access all of the online UK TV channels (BBC, ITV, 4OD, 5 ODetc).

Watching UK TV from anywhere in the world has never been simpler, safer or more secure with

  • Secure 128bit fully encryption on all outgoing connections
  • Security for hotspot wireless access users
  • Live and on demand UK television and films
  • Anonymous internet browsing
  • Extra software is not required
  • Full anonymity by hiding your real IP address
  • Protection against your ISP and overly strict fair use policies
  • Bypass geographical blocks
  • Bypass ISP blocking for VOIP applications
  • Unlike a proxy, you get secured connection for all programs you are using
  • Quality network infrastructure ensures a fast VPN tunnelling service.
  • Ultimate and unparalleled security and anonymity
  • Prevents harassment caused by people tracking you by your IP address
  • Get a safe/encrypted connection between your computer and the internet
  • Use Skype and other VoIP applications blocked in your area

You do not have to install or download any software to your device; it is already installed as standard in all MAC, PC’s or Android systems. Once you have placed your order you will automatically be sent instructions on how to configure the VPN yourself or alternately you can use a desktop shortcut that will configure itself (PC only).

Most of our customers are British Expats living abroad who want to watch UK TV in a cost effective way. We are here to support you at all time so if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact the support team at or complete the form on our Contact Us page.

We promise to respond within 24 hours.