UK VPN Setup

UK VPN Set Up Guides

The process of setting up your new UK VPN from is outlined below. The UK VPN will work on all computers and operating systems, there is no software to install it is simply a matter of configuration of your computer. If you have any problems or questions then do not hesitate to send an email to our support team who will be happy to help.

Firewall Settings

Please ensure that your Firewall is set up to allow the GRE protocol (which may have to be set up as a custom protocol, protocol number 47) on outgoing connections to all IP addresses, and to allow the TCP protocol on outgoing connections to port 1723 on all IP addresses.

If you are unsure on how to configure your firewall, please refer to the manufacturers User Guide – Setup Guides v0.06

Select from the various set-up guides below depending on your computer or device:

Windows XP

UK VPN for Windows XP Set Up

Windows Vista

UK VPN for Windows Vista Set Up Guide

Windows 7


Windows 8

UK VPN for Windows 8 Set Up Guide

Apple Mac

UK VPN for iMac and Apple Macbooks

Apple iPhone

UK VPN setup guide for Apple iPhone

Apple iPad

UK VPN Setup for Apple iPad

Android Device

UK VPN setup for Motorola Xoom

OpenVPN Connect iOS

OpenVPN Connect